QWhat are the factors that affect the efficiency of planet reducers?

Planetary decelerator is a relatively precise machine that matches the rotational speed and transfers the torque between the prime mover and the working or executing mechanism.The purpose of using it is to reduce the speed and increase the torque.

1. During the operation of the decelerator, the core of the decelerator is in the alternating magnetic field, which will result in iron loss, copper loss of the winding after power-on, and other losses, which will cause the temperature of the decelerator to increase.The decelerator itself has a cooling function, when the heat and heat are equal, it will be in balance. If the temperature suddenly rises at this time to break the balance, the temperature will continue to rise, which will affect the normal operation of the decelerator.

2. Temperature rise refers to the temperature difference between the decelerator and the environment, which is generally caused by the heat of the decelerator. Temperature rise is an important index in the operation of the decelerator, it can clearly know the degree of heat of the decelerator.In work, if the temperature of the decelerator rises suddenly, this means that the decelerator is malfunctioning, the ventilation openings are blocked, or the decelerator is overloaded.

3. Working temperature refers to the operating temperature of the decelerator in the expected life of the design. If the operating temperature exceeds the working temperature for a long time, the aging of the insulation material will be accelerated, thus greatly shortening the lifetime of the decelerator. Therefore, temperature is one of the main factors affecting the lifetime of the decelerator during the operation of the decelerator.

QWhat are the main DC motor gear reducers?

1. Gear deceleration motor

Micro-gear deceleration motor is a closed-drive deceleration device driven by micro-motor (also known as micro-gear deceleration motor), which is the combination of decelerator and motor (or motor), used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the needs of mechanical equipment.This combination can also be called a gear reducer or a gear deceleration motor, etc.

2. Planetary deceleration motor

Planetary decelerators have better rigidity and accuracy than other types of decelerators. They can be combined with micro-motors, step motors and DC motors to reduce speed and increase torque.

3. Micro DC deceleration motor

That is, the micro-gear deceleration motor, which is assembled on the DC motor, can provide lower speed and larger torque. The output speed and torque vary remotely according to the deceleration of the gear decelerator. The larger the deceleration ratio, the lower the speed, the larger the output torque and the larger the deceleration ratio of the gear set.

4. Hollow Cup Reduction Motor

The hollow cup motor uses an iron-free rotator, which eliminates the eddy current loss in the iron-core motor, reduces the weight and rotational inertia significantly, and also reduces the mechanical energy loss of the rotator. The operation performance of the hollow cup decelerator motor has been greatly improved, with the advantages of energy saving and high efficiency, and also has the control and dragging characteristics that the iron-core motor cannot achieve.

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