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  • DC Micro Motor ( Brushed)
  • Brushless Motor
  • Spur Gear Motor
  • Planetary Gear Motor
  • Worm Gear Motor
  • Manual Transmission Gearbox
* A compact, lightweight, low-noise, high-efficiency, long life-expectancy DC brushed motor
* Operating voltage range: 3v-24v; RPM range: 3000 - 25000
* Sleeve bearing or ball bearing interchangeable if needed
* EMI-resisting
* Superior durability, able to stand for various complex and rigorous working conditions
* Excellent quality with a competitive price
* Customization services are rendered if needed, say, different housing color, ideal performance parameters, the optional length and form of the outer shaft, the extra flange and accessories mounted, or a whole brand-new motor constructing requirement etc.
  • RC555
  • RC545
  • RC395
  • RC385
  • RC365
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